Race Tech

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Race Tech Motorcycle Brakes and Suspension

Ride with greater performance and safety with Race Tech motorcycle brakes and suspension parts. Many touring riders assume that high-performance motorcycle brakes and suspension are just for racing, but they offer enhanced handling, comfort, and safety for all riders. Get improved firmness, plushness, and traction to remain in control of any situation, whether you're pushing the limits on a mountain road or just cruising in the countryside.

Race Tech Springs

Race Tech has more than 500 high-performance springs to select from, all of which are extremely lightweight and preset to eliminate sacking out. Heat-treated and shot-treated, they offer the tightest tolerances in the industry and are made from the finest materials. Race Tech fork springs for vintage models are also built to the same standards and using the same materials as modern bike springs.

Race Tech Shocks

Race Tech motorcycle shocks include its award-winning Gold Valve Kits for Shocks, which provide outstanding performance without the added costs of a replacement shock. This personalised setup offers a plush feel with improved bottoming resistance and traction, giving greater control for riders and a consistent feel.

Race Tech Fork Tubes

Race Tech motorcycle fork tubes are of the highest quality and generally less expensive than purchasing originals for your model. They either meet or exceed OEM specifications and come in a range of colour options. Got a vintage motorbike? Race Tech fork tubes are available in applications dating back to 1955.

Race Tech Fork Guards

Manufactured in Italy from high-quality polypropylene plastics, Race Tech fork guards feature pre-drilled holes and an excellent fit. They come in a whole range of colours to suit your motorbike and a high UV resistance to ensure the plastic retains its colour for longer. You can also protect your chain from destroying your swingarm with Race Tech chain sliders in colours to match your fork guards.