Cook Up A Great Snack In The Grill Raclette

If you are a huge cheese lover and a massive fan of the traditional cheese fondue, then you need to invest in a raclette grill. Like fondue, raclette was invented in Switzerland, eaten after a fun and enjoyable day on the ski slopes. 

Buying guide for grill raclettes

What’s the difference between grill raclettes and cheese fondue? While basic fondue is designed to melt cheese, the raclette includes a grill on top of it that allows you to cook meat and bread at the same time. So, you get a full snack in one go.

Things to consider include:

  • Size: When you buy a raclette grill, you have to think about how big it is if you want to feed a lot of people. The first thing to do is figure out what you're going to be using it for the most. Is it going to be for yourself or for an event?
  • Shape: You can choose from a circle, square, or rectangle. Although it doesn’t usually matter too much, the shape you choose might depend on your general décor.
  • Power: Check the wattage to make sure it can melt the cheese and cook the food. Some raclette grills use tea lights instead of power, which means you’ll need longer to cook your food

In your raclette, your best bet is to use any Swiss cheese that melts easily, including Gruyère, Fontina, Emmentaler, or Appenzeller. 

Shop for your raclette grill today by using the filters to narrow your search by features, brands, components, power, material, and price. Grab a chocolate fountain and electric fondue set to match.

Once you choose your raclette grill check to see if the seller is a trusted eBay Plus seller to take advantage of year-round savings, free express delivery, and free returns with them. Also check to see if they offer click and collect or if you are happy to wait, check delivery timeframes so you can make sure you have all the necessary ingredients on hand to enjoy your raclette. Purchase using Afterpay or PayPal 4 with selected sellers.