Radio Equipment

To invest in the right radio equipment means knowing a thing or two about what’s available. From two-way radios and walkie talkies to CB radios and ham radios, it pays to find out a bit more about this type of equipment before putting down money to buy it. Why buy radio equipment anyway? Radios can provide an extremely reliable way to communicate, as they can continue to work even when landlines and mobile phone towers are down. When living or working in rural areas, having a radio can be essential, allowing for easy communication no matter how far out into the sticks the user happens to be.   Two-way radios and walkie talkies can come in handy, no matter the location. A family or group of friends travelling on holiday in separate cars can keep in easy contact with walkie talkies. Two-way radios and walkie talkies can also be handy for work, allowing workers to stay in contact throughout the building or grounds. CB radios – so often seen used by truckers in movies – are popular for a reason. Also known as citizens band radio, CB radio allows for short-distance radio communication using a selection of channels. And yes, they are used by truckers, but they also have plenty of uses for other people too.

Comparing Options

When setting up a radio, there are essential pieces of kit that are needed to make it work. What do they do? When transmitting, a radio antenna or transmitter works to convert electrical signals into radio waves, which can then travel next door, or all the way around the globe. When receiving, the antenna or receiver reverses the process to convert received radio waves into electrical signals, translating the information into a useable form. And a scanner? A scanner is the piece of kit that automatically scans – or tunes – two or more frequencies, and is basically a radio receiver that is capable of receiving multiple signals. Time to start shopping? Featuring a huge range of radios and radio equipment, eBay has everything from scanners and receivers, to shortwave radio and parts and accessories. Discover big brands such as GME, Motorola, Nagoya and Uniden and buy online today.