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Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are very popular for use in gardening, landscaping and furniture for good reason - they are made to last. They are also quick and easy to install. The dimensions of railway sleepers, whether reclaimed or new, offer a great deal of versatility for a range of projects. New railway sleeper woodcuts are similar lengths, widths and heights as original sleepers. As a general guide, the lengths of sleepers are usually between one to three metres, widths 20 to 50 centimetres, and heights 10 to 20 centimetres, but they vary depending on supplier and prior use. The natural colours and weathering of the timbers used in sleepers can add aesthetic appeal to your environment. You could even consider stain or paint sleepers to match your taste and décor.

Reclaimed Sleepers

Reclaimed or repurposed sleepers have previously been in use on a railway track. They are great for creating a genuinely authentic seasoned and rustic look from the get-go. When used on railway lines, sleepers placed underneath the tracks in horizontal lines to hold the metal tracks in place. The construction of older railway bridges also uses sleepers. Because of their use on tracks, one edge may be more rounded or another from the passing of trains overhead. Most Australian reclaimed sleepers are tough weather and termite resistant hardwoods such as ironbark, red gum, cypress and Jarrah. Reclaimed sleepers are ideal for retaining walls, steps, garden edging, water features, paths and walkways – a sleeper alternated with pebbles creates a great visual feature.

New Timber Sleepers

New timber sleepers are usually untreated or treated pine, cypress and eucalyptus hardwoods like Stringybark and Brown Barrel, all timber that Australia farms for sustainability. New timber sleepers are effective for use in all the same landscaping and gardening features as reclaimed sleepers. They also make great boxed or raised flower and veggie gardens. NB, for veggie gardens in particular check that if you use treated timber sleepers, the treatment chemicals and processes to meet current health and safety standards – you do not want any nasties leaching into your soil or vegetables. For decking and patio areas, new sleepers are a solid option, particularly for supporting beams and structure underneath decking. Indoor and outdoor furniture designs include cleverly crafted tables, stools, sturdy square or bench seats, bed ends, fire mantelpiece surrounds and shelving.