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Rain Bird Lawn Sprinklers

Australia is a land of contrast between lush green and sun-blasted outback. While the drier parts of the country are undeniably beautiful, you probably want your lawn to be green rather than brown. So to keep your lawn green, happy and healthy you need some good lawn sprinklers, and that’s where Rain Bird comes in. Rain Bird is a manufacturer of a complete range of irrigation systems for your lawn, as well as professional use for big lawns like at a university campus, or the local park. They’ve even produce sprinkler systems for golf courses, and if you’ve ever been to one of those you know what high standards golf courses have when it comes to their grass.

Rotor Sprinklers

There’s a few different types of sprinklers you can choose from when you’re setting up an irrigation system for your lawn, but Rain Bird specialises in rotor sprinklers. These are even called Rainbirds in some parts of the world because of their close association with Rain Bird. Rain Bird’s impact rotor lawn sprinklers distribute water evenly over a medium to large section of lawn by mimicking natural rainfall. This is a technique that was pioneered in the thirties and quickly picked up the world over. Rain Bird’s rotor sprinklers can be set up for full or partial rotation so you can more easily reach every corner of your lawn without getting your neighbour’s washing wet.

Pop-Up Sprinklers

Rain Bird sprinkler systems are more or less permanent, in that they consist of buried leads that channel the water towards exit points where you then install the sprinkler. This means you’ll need to be careful when mowing the lawn, unless of course you invested in Rain Bird pop-up lawn sprinkler heads. These are depressed into lawn so that they’re at ground level when not in used. When your irrigation system is turned on, the water pressure works to pop the sprinkler head up to a height where it can do its work, and once the irrigating is done it will pop down again.

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