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Rain Bird offers premium quality watering products to flawlessly irrigate your lawn. Founded in 1933 in California, Rain Bird has become a leading global manufacturer of irrigation products and services. In 1935, Rain Bird revolutionised the food production industry with the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler. 80 years since its inception, Rain Bird continues to innovate the agricultural world with over 450 patents awarded worldwide. Today, Rain Bird offers a wide range of products suitable for properties big and small, including farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes.

Rain Bird can help you to manage your water usage, ensuring that your water is used in the most effective and conservative way possible! Some of the high-quality products that Rain Bird offers on eBay include Garden Watering Equipment, Lawn Sprinklers, and Garden Watering Timers and Controllers.

One of Rain Bird's most popular products is the household Lawn Sprinkler. eBay offers a broad range of Rain Bird's best lawn sprinklers, including gear-driven rotor sprinklers, impact rotor sprinklers, and pop-up spray head sprinklers. With plenty of variety, Rain Bird has your sprinkler needs sorted!

Rain Bird also offers world-leading technology in water irrigation systems. With Wi-Fi compatible water timers and controllers, you don't even have to be at home or on site to make sure that your lawns are being taken care of with the most efficient and reliable devices available.

Rain Bird prides itself on its groundbreaking history, high-quality water products, and expert water management professionals to provide only the best equipment for your irrigation and watering desires.