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Raised Toilet Seats

Make life a little easier with disability equipment, mobility furniture and fixtures. Raised toilet seats can provide much-needed assistance to people who are older or physically struggle with this action. These seats come in different designs to meet your any needs.

One of the most common styles of raised toilet seats is the basic riser, which is placed on top of the standard toilet for added height. It is attached but can be removed as needed. A stand-alone commode comes with a raised toilet seat for easier use by people who cannot walk to the bathroom.

There are two basic shapes for these toilet seats. Round seats have been in use for many years while oval seats have become more popular. You must also consider width to ensure they will fit over your toilet. Most raised seats are made to fit standard toilets, but you may have to search for a wider seat if your toilet is not standard.

These raised seats often attach with clamps for easy removal while some may use bolts for a more permanent attachment. Raised commodes usually include a lid to cover the seat when not in use. You can find these products with moulded seats for a more comfortable experience. The medical toilet seats with armrest makes it easier to get up since you can use the armrest for leverage when in the action of standing stand. Much of the time the armrests are padded to provide for additional comfort. The seat may also be padded, which is beneficial for sensitive skin.

While 10cm is standard for raised toilet seats, you can find some exceptions. They may be taller or lower, depending on how much help you need to get up.

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