Popular Ralph Lauren Products

For over 50 years, the Ralph Lauren name has become synonymous with fashion, beauty, elegance and style. A household name and a genuine American icon, Ralph Lauren has come a long way from his days selling neckties out of a drawer in the Empire State Building.

His clothing label, including the various mega-popular off-shoots of his brand, such as Polo, Polo Denim and Indigo Stadium are known all over the world as quality, fashionable and highly respected clothing. The company also excels in the production of jewellery and watches, all created with elegance and style in mind.

Perhaps just as significant as the Ralph Lauren fashion empire, is the health and beauty range, popularised by the many, many signature perfumes and colognes created under the Ralph Lauren banner. You’ve all heard the name – now you can own the products, right here on eBay!

Timeless design and impeccable quality

The Ralph Lauren name is one that conjures up a feeling of style and luxury. The fashion icon has made a name for himself thanks to his timeless designs, impeccable quality and the utmost attention to detail. From clothing to fragrances, each product from Ralph Lauren or its fashion network is developed with care and consideration, and a dedication to create beauty.

You don’t become a global leader in apparel, fashion, fragrances and design unless you’re genuinely one of the best. Ralph Lauren is certainly that, proving time and time again that the brand’s commitment to style is second to none.

Purple Label for Men

The Ralph Lauren menswear range comes under the banner of ‘The Purple Label’, and every year there are new collections to satisfy the loyal, fashion-forward gents who crave an element of style and elegance in their wardrobe.

The Holiday collection, for example, features elegant eveningwear, rich daytime suits full of regal hues and textures. Regardless of which collection your favourite items come from, you know that you’re getting quality, style and eye-catching flair in every piece – from shirts to pants to suits to jumpers that make the right impression everywhere you go.

Ralph Lauren Collection for women

For the modern woman who really has her finger on the pulse of fashion trends, the Ralph Lauren collection is the place to find all of your high-fashion garments to keep your wardrobe up to date. Designed for the woman who doesn’t just want to blend into society, but prefers to stay ahead of the game and lead with style.

From edgy design concepts allowing you to create your own Ralph Lauren style outfits, to beautiful, glamorous evening dresses, the Ralph Lauren Collection is all the savvy, modern woman needs to feel a million dollars and lead by example.

Ralph Lauren fragrances

Almost as well known as the Ralph Lauren fashion range, the fragrances are a staple on the shelves of high-fashion houses and local department stores alike. Loved globally for their exquisite, captivating fragrances and stylishly designed packaging, Ralph Lauren takes modern fragrances to a new level.

Whether you’re looking for men’s colognes or women’s perfume, the Ralph Lauren health and beauty range is something you simply have to browse through. If you’re not too interested in fragrances, that doesn’t matter, because perfumes and colognes make great gifts for loved ones. We’d be almost certain you have a Ralph Lauren fan in the family, so check out the range of bargains available today!

The Polo range

Sometimes known as the style of America, the iconic Polo logo adorns items of clothing in wardrobes all over the world. Complete with styles for the surf to the city and everywhere in between, the Polo range encompasses the more casual looks in the Ralph Lauren catalogue. 

Men’s Polo products include everything imaginable – t-shirts with understated logos and prints, casual shirts, hoodies, relaxed styles of pants and shorts – whatever you need for everyday life, the Polo menswear range has it.

Women can let their summer style loose with the women’s Polo range – designs specifically crafted for comfort and style while you’re living your best life. Each season brings a new style; however, the designs are always on-trend, modern and timeless all in one.

For lovers of denim, there’s also the Polo Denim collection for both men and women. Classic jeans, innovative modern jean styles as well as jackets and tops can all be found under the renowned Ralph Lauren banner. For quality, fit and comfort, look no further than Polo Denim.

Watches and Jewellery by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s name isn’t just about fashion and fragrance – because everyone needs fashion accessories. Watches are a staple of the Ralph Lauren range, with new collections hitting the market regularly for men and women. Like everything under Ralph’s name, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship and design are the cornerstone of the watch designs. Classic timepieces to represent your own individual style, and they’re all crafted by artisan master watchmakers in Switzerland.

Jewellery is also an important part of your fashion arsenal, and you can expect the finest quality from Ralph Lauren. Bracelets, chunky chains, uniquely crafted gold rings and an assortment of elegant bracelets are only a small part of the collection. For a timeless piece to add to your collection, check out the Ralph Lauren jewellery range today.

Ralph Lauren for children

Amazing quality, comfort and style shouldn’t just be restricted to adults. Sure, your kids might be a little messy to fill their whole wardrobe with Ralph Lauren gear, but everybody has occasions where they need their little ones looking their absolute best.

Some of the cutest items in the entire Ralph Lauren collection are the assortment of baby clothes on offer. From romper suits to gorgeous dresses and pants for babies and toddlers, you can be sure that everyone is going to adore your little treasures at your next family event if they’re decked out in beautiful Ralph Lauren Polo gear.

For the older kids, there’s also plenty of options falling under the Polo banner. T-shirts, tops, shorts and pant featuring traditional, iconic Polo logos are all the rage here, and there’s also some great skirts and dresses for the girls to add to their collection. If you want to introduce your young ones to great style choices from an early age, choose Ralph Lauren for kids!