Ranges and Stoves

Cook up a delicious dinner on a new stove. You can find a variety of ranges to meet your needs. These stoves come in different types with various features to enhance your cooking and baking.


You may begin your shopping by selecting a brand you know and trust. Westinghouse is one name that has been associated with appliances for many years. Bosch, Falcon and Electrolux are some other brands which are globally renowned for their cooking appliances.

Fuel Type

Choosing the range with the type of fuel which works for your home will be essential. You can find gas ranges and stoves, which are often popular with cooks because they heat instantly. Another option are electric ranges and stoves, which have also gained in popularity in recent decades. For some cooks, the ultimate is dual fuel ranges and stoves, which allows them to cook on the stovetop with gas while the oven heats with electric. It's even possible to still find stoves that heat with wood.

Surface Type

You can select the type of surface you want on your range. Ceramic has long been popular choice among cooks as well as glass. They are both easy to clean and offer a durable surface. Enamel is another option while chrome adds a modern touch to a range.


Ranges come with all kinds of features to make cooking and baking easier. The number of burners can vary from two to four to six or even more. A stove may include a griddle or grill specialised to making certain foods. Smooth top ranges have flat surfaces instead of raised burners, which creates a more modern look to a kitchen. Many have a warming drawer to keep cooked foods warm until serving.