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Rat Rodenticides and Baits

As soon as you spot a rat in your home or business premises, it is time to take action. They can cause serious structural damage to buildings, insulation and wires and can chomp their way through your upholstered furniture. If there is one rat or mouse, then chances are there is more lurking around. When this happens, it is necessary to purchase rodenticides to kill the rats, mice and other rodents roaming your rooftops and your hallways.


Rodenticide is a pesticide created specifically for rodents such as rats and mice. It comes in many forms such as paste, pellets and blocks which are manufactured to attract rodents and kill them after one feed. It is important to know that rodenticides can be harmful to family pets, so always place them where they will not come in contact with your dog or cat. Some brands are less toxic to pets than others, so read the instructions carefully.

Minimise The Spread of Disease

Pest control is absolutely necessary when it comes to rats and mice. They can spread diseases such as Salmonella, Meningitis, Typhus and Leptospirosis. They can contaminate food or utensils with their urine or feces, contaminate humans directly through cuts or sores, spread fleas and even bite pets and humans. When you understand the serious risks of a rodent infestation, then you are more likely to look to remedy the situation immediately.

Mouse Rodenticides

Using mouse rodenticides and baits will kill mice quickly and stop them from breeding. Mice can multiply at an alarming rate, and before you know it, you have hundreds of mice in the house. Mice can produce as many as ten litters a year, averaging six or more mice per litter. It’s even worse when you take into consideration the fact that mice can procreate after just six weeks.

Pest Control

Rodenticides and other pest control supplies are an investment for the safety of your home. Between the possums, cockroaches, rodents, snakes and spiders, you have to find ways to protect your family. If you spot rodent droppings or see signs of gnawing on your food packaging, then you know they have found a way into your home. Whether you stumble across one of their nests or notice an unfamiliar rodent stench, it is important to take fast action and set those bait traps.

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