Ratcheting Hand Spanners & Wrenches

Ratcheting Spanners and Wrenches

Ratcheting spanners and wrenches rotate faster than other manual hand tools saving you valuable time when completing tasks.

Benefits of Using Ratcheting Spanners and Wrenches

You can reach nuts and bolts in hard-to-reach spaces to loosen and tighten them with ratchet tools. Since a ratchet wrench swings from side to side, there's no need to remove the wrench each time to turn it. Most ratchet wrenches have a textured grip handle and a slim profile so they are easier to hold on to. Additionally, sockets are available in standard and metric sizes to fit a wide range of fasteners.

Types of Ratcheting Spanners and Wrenches

Plumbers use a ratcheting pipe wrench to grip pipes and couplings. Most have an angled tooth configuration to accommodate a range of applications providing a better grip. Likewise, mechanics keep both shallow and deep sockets on hand to use with a ratcheting socket wrench when working in tight spaces of a vehicle's engine compartment. Furthermore, you'll find selections for torque, Allen and hex wrenches that may be available in spanner and ratchet sets.