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Ravensburger Puzzles

Ravensburger Puzzles

Known for its intricate, colourful and detailed puzzles for all age groups, Ravensburger offers a fun way to spend time and challenge yourself with puzzles that vary in their designs and themes. Ranging from small puzzles perfect for children to oversized puzzles that are enjoyable for adults, Ravensburger offers a variety of puzzle options that add to everyday fun and provide an alternative to board games.

Puzzle Types

When you think of puzzles, traditional, two-dimensional puzzles likely come to mind; however, Ravensburger offers many types to make putting puzzles together even more engaging. Some puzzles to consider include 3D puzzles, wooden designs and sudoku puzzles. Of course, the brand makes a wide range of more traditional-style jigsaw puzzles as well. There are also puzzle sorters (sometimes called puzzle trays) that help you to keep specific pieces organised and make for an easier experience.

Puzzle Themes

The difficult part of purchasing Ravensburger puzzles is selecting a puzzle theme. Puzzle themes and designs vary widely from Disney puzzles depicting favourite characters, to fantasy themes, animals, artwork and locations, such as France or the Mediterranean. You can find puzzles with mesmerising, detailed images for a more challenging experience, like an attic filled with antiques or a supermarket crowded with shoppers, or opt for a more low-key puzzle featuring the ocean and sea animals. Some 3D puzzle options include a globe, famous buildings (such as the Taj Mahal) or Cinderellas castle at Disneyland.

Puzzle Pieces

You can pick a puzzle based on how many pieces there are. For beginners, opt for puzzles with larger and fewer pieces, such as 26 to 99 or 100 to 249-piece options. A good middle-ground point for those who wish to get into larger puzzles is by starting at the 500-piece mark. Ravensburger puzzles go all the way to 5,000 pieces and more, with some of the most elaborate puzzles topping over 18,000 pieces. Some of the largest puzzles to tackle include the Sistine Chapel and the Tower of Babel.

Puzzle Age Levels

Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy puzzles. In fact, puzzles offer educational benefits and can aid children with hand-eye coordination, as well as with motor development and self-esteem development. Ravensburger makes puzzles for kids as young as 18 to 24 months, and there are plenty of options available for children of all primary ages, from 3 to 11. Puzzles for teens become more detailed and have more pieces, and adult puzzles vary widely in design as well as theme.

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