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Start from scratch with industrial materials

Raw materials are used in many industries to construct and create end products. For businesses and manufacturers looking to stock up on raw materials in a factory or industrial setting, there is a huge selection of industrial metalworking products to choose from. There are several material forms including plastics, metals and rubber in a selection of sizes and pack quantities. Whatever the industry or project, youll find suitable materials for the job.

Plastics and rubbers

Plastic is used for a range of products and includes materials such as acrylic, perspex, acetate and polyurethane. This versatile material is strong and durable and can easily be moulded into different shapes and sizes. The wide selection of plastics and rubber materials on offer gives you the choice of quantities and forms. Plastics come in a variety of colours which is also suitable for making a range of products. You can find items in sheets, acetal rods, panels and discs dependant on your requirements.

Metals and alloys

For metalworking companies, raw materials are an important part of the production process. There are several metal types commonly used in products including steel, aluminium, brass and copper. Each metal or alloy is a strong and durable material which can be crafted dependent on the project. Youll find this raw material in a variety of quantity sizes and a selection of forms including tube, sheet plates, rod bars and wire.

Carbon fibre

This raw material is often associated with luxury car manufacturer but also has lots of other uses too. It is known for its unique properties including high-strength, low weight and high-temperature tolerance but this, in turn, can make it more costly than other raw materials. There is a wide range of carbon fibre options to choose from including different pack sizes and forms. Choose from tube, strips, fabric and rods dependent on your project needs.

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