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Razer Computer Keyboards and Numeric Keypads

The triple-headed snake logo as well as the Razer brand have been well known for years in the gaming world. From whole computers, to various gaming apparel and accessories, Razer has a staggering amount of award-winning products available on the market. Razer computer keyboards come in several wired and wireless forms, tuned to fit any gaming or everyday application. 

Wired or Wireless 

Wired or wireless does not make a significant difference in computer keyboard and keypad performance, however, many gamers prefer wired models. The wired keyboard eliminates any chance of interference in the input signal, but it does leave one more cable to worry about. An often found combination among gamers is a wired mouse and a wireless computer keyboard as first person shooter games require greater precision and speed on the mouse itself. 

Wired Keyboards and Keypads 

Wired Razer models come in classic and keypad form. The wired Razer keyboards are extremely comfortable media keyboards with a lot of programmable media buttons and switches. If you wish to play games where chatting is an essential part of the game dynamic, then a whole keyboard is the way to go. If you just plan on playing high-speed games which require quick use of all your fingers, you should opt for one of the many Razer wired computer keypads

The keypad's greatest advantage is that every single button is programmable and you can assign buttons to your thumb and pinkie as well. Gaining additional control with these fingers will help you swap weapons and trigger action events without distracting your ring, index and middle finger, which are primarily used for movement. The most well-known Razer computer keyboard is the Chroma gaming range, or the Razer Blackwidow, which come with fully customisable backlighting for individual keys, and over 16.8million colour options.

Wireless Keyboards and Keypads 

Razer wireless computer keyboards and keypads offer a lot of the same functionalities, but are mainly used to substitute the controller of your favourite console. If you find yourself having difficulties playing a game with the standard console controller, a full keyboard or a keypad might be just what you need. As a company that specialises in gaming equipment, Razer makes sure that their wireless keyboards and keypads are 100 per cent compatible with all consoles available.