Reading Glasses

When your vision isn't bad enough to require a strong prescription, but you could use a bit of help when you read the paper, reading glasses are a simple solution. Available in a range of brands, strengths and designs, reading glasses are typically a more affordable choice than prescription eyeglasses are for wearers who just need spectacles for reading, driving or occasional wear.

Glasses Brands

One way to distinguish between reading glasses is by brand. There are many well-known manufacturers who produce high-quality, stylish glasses, including Foster Grant, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Prada. Each brand offers a variety of colours, styles and features, as well as a variety of strengths and complementary accessories.

Glasses Designs

There is something for everyone when it comes to choosing glasses designs. The frames range from oval to square to circular, and glasses colours and designs vary as well. After you choose a frame shape that you like, choose glasses in solid shades, such as black, brown or grey, or choose colourful glasses looks, such as dark pink, burgundy, green, purple or blue spectacles. Multicoloured designs are another option, such as tie-dyed frames, tortoiseshell glasses or two-toned designs that liven up your look. In addition, you can choose amongst rimless or full-frame options.

Glasses Strength

You always want to choose the right glasses for your needs based on strength. The lower the number, the weaker the lenses, and the higher the number, the stronger the glasses are. Glasses strength ranges from +1.00 up to +4.00, with various strengths in between, such as +1.75 or +2.25. Reading glasses generally aid in reading at close range, so if you see well far off but need some help with small print, reading glasses are a wise choice.

Glasses Accessories

Along with the reading glasses themselves, you may want to invest in some accessories to make using your glasses easier and more convenient. Keep your glasses in an eyeglass case to reduce the risk of damage or scratches when you're not wearing your frames, and keep a cleaning kit on hand that can remove smudges from your lenses before you wear them. There are also glasses chains or straps that you can wear around your neck to prevent you from misplacing your glasses and to keep them within reach as needed for ultimate convenience.