Real Estate

Whether youre a first-time homebuyer or an experienced land-seller or house-flipper, the ins and outs of real estate can be complex. You may have an experienced realtor by your side, or you may be going it alone; either way, its a good idea to have some of your preferences in mind before you begin to look. As youre looking across the country of Australia, you want to first narrow down by type of real estate, and then further narrow down by area. Once you have this in mind, you can further filter your results by type of land, number of bedrooms and baths and other amenities.

Shopping by Area

Shopping by area is perhaps the most important thing you can do first. Once you have children in the school system, area becomes more important than ever, and you may make decisions based on schools rather than other amenities (close to forests, close to water, etc.). When it comes to Australia, youll find results narrowed down to three overall sections and locations: VIC real estate, NSW and QLD real estate, meaning Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Once you have your area picked out, its next time to think about types of real estate.

Residential Homes

If youre a first-time homebuyer who just wants to get out and under from the renting umbrella, then youre most likely looking at residential houses. These may or may not be single-family. Some residential homes can be semi-detached, so make sure you have in mind exactly what you want before looking. Think about your number of bathrooms, bedrooms and your maximum and minimum desires for square footage.

Residential Land

Perhaps as a first-time buyer you are looking for something completely differentu001au001athe land itself. If youve contracted a building company or have one in mind, then you may want to make and design your own dream house, instead of buying one already built. Compare prices as you look for land, and decide on how much acreage you want before beginning your search.


Instead of a residential home or land, you may want an already developed, working farm. In this case, youll want to narrow your results to farms only as you look through your location results. Here, acreage is important, as well as included buildings, such as barns, garages and other storage on site.