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Reception Desk

First impressions are lasting, and your reception desk is the first place that potential customers and clients will see. When you need to make a big impression on a small budget, the right office furniture can help to create exactly what impact you need. Your reception counter is where your visitors make enquiries and where your receptionist will answer the phone, make transactions, and schedule appointments. Because of this, it is an incredibly important investment.

Which reception desk is right for my business?

A good reception desk reflects professionalism, organisation and success. There are plenty of different office desk options, materials, and sizes to meet the style of your business.First, it is important to have your reception desk at the right height. As a rough guide, a counter height of over 1.2metres will prevent your visitor from being seen and ultimately being served. Remember, a customer is essential to the success of your business, and they don’t appreciate having to wait to be acknowledged.

There are other aspects to think about, such as the shape of your desk. With a range of shapes available on the market today – curved, straight, conical or L-shaped – it’s just a matter of measuring the space you have in order to fit the right type of desk.

You may also need to consider its primary functions: will it be a place to keep important documents for appointments, to exchange money, or simply just somewhere for your receptionist to sit and answer incoming calls? A big wooden desk with plenty of drawers and empty space can provide you with many storage options, just as a keyboard tray can free up desk space for you.Lastly, the material can make or break your business: glass is sleek and stylish, while wooden reception desks send a warm and inviting feel. Steel desks look ultra-modern. Whatever you choose, ensure it matches the rest of the décor in your office.

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