Recumbent/Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bikes

We all know the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, but the truth is, many of us dont move our bodies enough. In between work commitments and spending time with the family or our friends, as well as those age-old excuses ("Im tired," and "Ill do it tomorrow,") it can be hard to find the time or the motivation to get the recommended amount of daily exercise. Not to mention, gym membership fees are exorbitantly priced.

However, there is a solution that doesnt even involve leaving the house or even your pyjamas- promise! A recumbent exercise machine is a great investment for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey and want to get fit without diving right into it.

Upright exercise bike vs. recumbent exercise bike

One of the first things you may notice about a recumbent exercise bike is that you are in a reclined position, which means you wont feel any strain at all. In comparison, upright exercise bikes can be quite uncomfortable on the buttocks. With the latter, you also need to sit upright and grab onto the handles, hunched forward. When you are on a recumbent exercise bike, your hands are free to read a book or switch channels on a TV. One last thing to consider is that upright exercise bikes have a high centre of gravity, which means theoretically they can become unstable if you are pedaling too hard. A recumbent exercise machine is as effective as an upright exercise bike. In fact, as recumbent machines are so comfortable, you may be more inclined to extend your work sessions, thus burning more calories than you would on an upright bike.

Shop online on eBay for new and used recumbent exercise bikes. Feeling motivated? Why not add to your home gym and purchase a treadmill or elliptical trainer to work different muscle groups? Buy outright or place a bid to score deals on home gym equipment that you wont find at your local fitness megastore.