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Are you searching for genuine quality? Then Redback Boots is the go-to for high-quality, genuine leather and durable boots! The Australian company was founded in the early 1900s, and with each product handmade in Australia they soon grew to become a familiar brand in the Australian footwear scene. Their products are sturdy, high-quality and tough, using only Australian and New Zealand-sourced leather. The founders Stanley, Bill and John Cloros began making boots using cast-off leather hide cuttings from barbershops, only selling a few pairs a week at the Surry Hills markets. Their business found success over time due to their durability, and first-class quality. Redback boots played their role in the creation of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and are a familiar name in the Australian Defence Force, which shows the trust Australia has for its quality. You can easily find these high-quality Redback boots on eBay today!

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