Improve the area around your eyes with RefectoCil products from eBay

Refectocil is a brand of eyelash and eyebrow products developed by GW Cosmetics in 1942. GW Cosmetics is an Austrian cosmetics company that develops and produces hair, face and body cosmetics. The company is known for their brand of products such as BeautyLash, Master Lin and RefectoCil. All their products are exclusively produced at its site in Leopoldsdorf, Austria.

RefectoCil has is one of the global leaders in eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Go from extravagant to natural with Refectocils’s tailor-made brow and lash styling that perfects every look. Style your brows and lashes according to face shape, skin and hair colour and personal style.

RefectoCil eyelash tools

RefectoCil’seyelash styling range of products include eyelash lift, colour and care, eyelash curl and other essentials. Their Eyelash Lift consists of lifting glue and lifting pads. The specially developed eyelash lifting pads are made in Germany that fit along the curvature of the lids perfectly are available in 3 sizes and can be used up to 100 times. The RefectoCil Eyelash Lifting Glue is a unique formula containing collagen and cysteine which lifts the lashes in just 13 minutes and lasts up to 6 weeks.

RefectoCil eyebrow liner

Refectocil’s eyebrow styling range of products include colour and care, brow styling strips and other essentials. Their Eyebrow Styling Strips are wax strips that match any brow and ensure the perfect shape of 2/3 rising and 1/3 falling. The strips act as templates when dyeing at the same time. RefectoCil’s Eyebrow Styling Strips perfect brow shape in one step, quick and easy to apply, suitable for any brow from and suitable to both men and women.

RefectoCil’s colour and care and other essentials are for both eyebrows and lashes. Their brow and lash tints in regular and sensitive formula available in different colours that suit your skin and hair colour. They are naturally smudge-free and waterproof. Other RefectoCil colour and care products include Lash and Brow Booster, Care Balm, Styling Gel, Sensitive Developer Gel, Tint Remover, Silicone Pads, Eye Protection Papers and Skin Protection Cream and Eye Mask.