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Reflective Tape

Unlike other types of tape, reflective tape is easy to see when light hits it, even at nighttime. This makes it perfect for many safety purposes, and there are many reasons to use reflective tape to ensure safety while working, biking or walking. Reflective tape comes in assorted types and colours to meet every need, allowing you to purchase the right tape for you based on several considerations and factors.

Reflective Tape Types

Essentially, there are three basic types of reflective tape: adhesive, iron-on, and sew-on tape. Adhesive tape is easy to adhere to any surface immediately since its sticky, and sew-on tape requires a needle and thread to add to clothing or other items. Choosing the right kind of reflective tape type depends on the purpose for which youll be using the tape. It also varies by finish, as there are both matte and glossy tape styles. Tape comes in different widths, ranging from slimmer styles to wide tape. Some reflective tapes are high intensity, while some others are double-sided.

Reflective Tape Colours

One of the main distinctions between reflective tape types is their colours. Safety tape comes in a wide variety of shades, from neon yellow to red to silver metallic. You can also choose green, white, blue or dual-coloured tape that includes silver-and-red or black-and-white options. Tape texture can vary as well, from honeycomb safety tape to smooth designs. Some tape is patterned, such as honeycomb tape or chevron options, and some types of tape have an iridescent quality that gives them a shimmery appearance.

Reflective Tape Brands

Choose a high-quality reflective tape from a variety of well-known brands, including 3M, which produces multiple types of reflective tape, including sew-on and adhesive styles. Other brands to consider include Scotchlite, Fluro and Dritz. Brands vary by price as well as by colour, design, width and tape types, so keep these factors in mind when choosing the right tape brand for your needs.

Reflective Tape Uses

Some of the most common uses for reflective tape include adding it to work vehicles, bicycles or motorcycles. You can sew or iron it on clothing if youre going to be outside after dark and you wish to remain seen for safety purposes, or you can use it on boats or trailers. In addition, you can place reflective tape at the edges of your driveway, put it on your kids backpacks or affix it to your helmet. You can also mark important boxes of items in an attic or garage with reflective tape so that you can find things in a power outage, or put it on life jackets and safety cones.

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