The Ultimate Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps can be useful for a number of different purposes. So what does a vacuum pump actually do? Is it a vacuum, is it a pump? A vacuum pump removes molecules of air and other gases from the vacuum chamber. It seems like a technical explanation but that is exactly what the vacuum pump does. Removing these molecules of air provides some useful advantages. For instance, using car and truck engine vacuum pumps adds extra power to the engine, increases the engine life and keeps the oil cleaner for longer.

When deciding on a vacuum pump, the pumping speed is an important consideration. Pumping speeds are measured in litres per second, cubic feet per minute or cubic metre per hour.

Different types of vacuum pumps

Within vacuum pumps, there are different methods to remove molecules from the chamber. Three popular types of vacuum pumps are outlined below:

1. Positive displacement vacuum pump: This type of air vacuum pump is most useful for low vacuums. It works by creating vacuum through isolating the gases and then releasing them into the atmosphere. 2. Momentum transfer vacuum pump: Also referred to as molecular pumps, the momentum transfer pump uses dense fluid or rotating blades at high speeds to remove molecules from the chamber. Momentum transfer vacuum pumps are best suited for high vacuums. 3. Entrapment vacuum pump: Unlike the positive displacement and the momentum transfer, this air vacuum pump can reach ultra high vacuum levels. But as they do not exhaust materials, entrapment vacuum pumps have a maximum operation time. The pump operates by trapping gases and vapours through condensation on cold surfaces.

There are many more types includingother refrigeration vacuum pumps, which are useful for removing contaminants from air conditioning systems.

Get onto eBay today and start browsing the different types of vacuum pumps - they can be very useful tools to have around.