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Whether it’s keeping food edible for longer or chilling that oh-so-important bottle of wine to the perfect temperature, refrigerators and freezers are essential to our everyday lives. eBay's collection of appliances give you the chance to find a new addition to your home or office without the fuss and hassle of visiting the shops.

Wine cooler vs normal fridge

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a wine fridge and a small bar refrigerator? The difference lies in the fact that the ideal serving temperature for wine is generally higher than for other beverages like soft drinks and juice. While a typical 4°C is excellent for most drinks, it’s too cold for wine, which is best stored at 12-19°C for red wine and 8-12°C for white wine. So a wine cooler – sometimes also known as a wine cellar – is designed to produce these slightly warmer temperatures. Incidentally, a fridge set to red wine temperatures is also a great place to store chocolate in summer. What a combo!


If you like to bake or cook meals in advance, then a chest or upright freezer could be something worth adding to your home. As opposed to a fridge/freezer combo, these units are dedicated freezers only, typically offering one large compartment that you can fill with food. While many people have a strong preference for either chest or upright freezers, the choice really depends on you, how you'll use the piece and the size and shape of the available space. They both tend to be similar in power usage – the main difference lies in accessibility and storage volume. Typically you’ll be able to fit a bit more into a chest freezer, as contents settle downwards and you don’t risk food avalanches when you open the door. Alternatively, upright freezers typically offer more organisation, and are easier to access for people with movement issues.

Combination refrigerators and freezers

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, the classic fridge-freezer combo is ideal. You’ll find many variations, with the freezer on top, on the bottom, or to one side online on eBay. Check them out today!

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