Sleek and spacious refrigerators

Refrigerators are essential investment appliances that store a wide range of chilled and frozen foods. On eBay there is a bonza selection of stylish, versatile, and practical refrigerators to match your kitchen style and storage requirements.

Modern design refrigerators for everyday use

Side by side fridges boast extra wide dimensions that are ideal for storing food and drink for a large family. The stylish stainless steel refrigerators feature double doors that open up to reveal an organised vertical arrangement of glass shelves, transparent or wire baskets, and door holders. Many styles also include a plumbed ice and water dispenser to one side.

Refrigerators that have a French double door design offer four individual sections arranged in top and bottom layers. The interior of these spacious refrigerators are fitted with shelves and deep drawers. Many French door refrigerators have an air purification system for optimal freshness. Some models also have an integrated fridge door ice maker.

Top mount refrigerators feature chiller and freezer sections that are independent. Some models have a smaller freezer on top. Other styles feature two equal size food storage spaces with the freezer on the bottom.

Bottom mount refrigerators offer the reverse arrangement to the top mount refrigerators.

Organising tips for supersized refrigerators

When you have a supersized refrigerator it can be tempting to pile food in because you have so much storage space. To maximise your space and to reduce food wastage, it's important to get your refrigerator organised.

Arrange similar types of food on their own shelf, to reduce the time spent searching and locating. Having a designated shelf where you store tonight's or this week's dinner is a cracking idea to help you get organised.

Keep raw meat and seafood on the bottom shelf, and label the baskets and drawers so that the whole family knows where to find and store the correct items.

Practical plastic boxes and baskets are a bonza idea for storing smaller items in refrigerators. You can also use transparent plastic zip lock bags for leftovers or a cut half of a fruit or vegetable.