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Got one to sell?

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Rega Audio Record Players and Turntables

Founding in England back in 1973, the Rega name is one people know for high quality turntables. The company has since expanded into related fields, making products like speakers and Rega audio amplifiers. It's all part of the corporate commitment to quality.

How Do Turntables Work?

Every vinyl record player works on the same basic principles. The phono cartridge contains a stylus that follows a groove in the record. Bumps inside the groove make the stylus vibrate, which produces sound. There are two keys to turntable design.

  • Speed: The only way to ensure a Rega turntable maintains pitch is with a perfect constant-speed motor.
  • Cartridge: Turntable cartridge quality is all about maintaining accurate tracking with the lowest pressure. Many Rega systems use Soundsmith cartridges for accurate reproduction.

Listening to Vinyl on Rega

When you put a record on a Rega Planar 2, you can enjoy your music the way the performers intended. The 24V motor provides constant speed for the platter and the low friction ball bearings ensure smooth performance for song after song. Just lower the tone arm and let it play.

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