Region Code 4 DVD Movie

When you’re buying DVDs and Blu-ray movies, you may not always pay attention to the region codes, as it may seem like a miniscule thing. However, it’s important to note that not all region codes play in all DVD and Blu-ray players. In fact, if you have a DVD or Blu-ray meant for a specific region code and your player does not support it, you won’t be able to play the DVD. When it comes to Region 4 DVD movies, you can rest assured that they will most likely work in your player. Region 4 is local to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and other parts of Latin America. Once you’re sure you have the right region to match your player, you can easily enjoy all of your favourites at home.

TV Series on DVD

In this busy day and age, you may not always have time to sit down and watch your favourite programme every week. Catching up on a whole series by owning the DVD is a great way to ensure you don’t miss any of the action in your favourite shows. Shop familiar titles such as Full House, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory.

Shop by Ratings

Once you’re sure of the region code, you can also shop by rating. This way, you can be assured that adult titles are played only for adults, and children’s titles played for kids. Shop R-rated region code 4 DVD movies to find your favourite comedies and dramas that contain adult content, or look for G or PG-rated titles for younger children and toddlers. This way, there’s never an unfortunate surprise when you pop in a new movie.

Kids’ Options

Beyond ratings, there are myriad choices when it comes to kids’ DVDs and movies. Look for popular television series shows on DVD, such as Paw Patrol or Thomas and Friends, or opt for full-length movies the kids are sure to love, such as Finding Dory, The Land Before Time and Cinderella.


There are many Region 4 movies to shop in addition to TV shows and choices for kids. Shopping by genre is often the best bet. Look for your old and new favourites in sections such as horror, drama, comedy, music and more.