Religious Collectables

Religious Collectibles

Religious collectibles are popular gifts for people of various different faiths. They can be a great way of displaying religious affiliation or of simply appreciating another culture. There are religious collectibles available from many different religions, including Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Christian Religious Collectibles

There are many different types of Christian religious collectibles available. Religious crosses are one very popular type of Christian collectible. You can find crosses that are designed to hang from walls as well as those that can be worn as a necklace. Paintings and images of Jesus Christ are also a common type of Christian religious collectible. Some of these paintings and images show Christ performing miracles while others show him on the cross.

Catholic Religious Collectibles

Religious rosaries are a very common type of Catholic religious collectibles. Rosaries are strands of prayer beads that feature a cross or crucifix on them. You can find modern rosaries as well as vintage and antique rosaries. Catholic prayer candles are another popular type of Catholic religious collectible. Many of them feature images of specific saints as well as images of Jesus Christ.

Hindu Religious Collectibles

Some common Hindu religious collectibles include talismans and statues with images of Hindu gods on them. Incense holders or oil burners with pictures of these gods are also common because many practicing Hindus like to light incense or burn oil during during their prayers.

Buddhist Religious Collectibles

Religious decorative statues and sculptures are some of the most popular Buddhist religious collectibles. The most common type of Buddhist statue is the statue of the Buddha himself. There are many different versions of the Buddha statue but in nearly all of them he is seen sitting in a calm, meditative pose. Many people enjoy having these statues in their homes because they believe they bring a sense of peace and tranquility. These collectibles come in a wide array of sizes ranging from only a few centimetres high to well over a meter.