Remington Men's Electric Shavers


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Remington Mens Electric Shavers

It used to be that anyone, man or woman, who wanted a close shave, such as on the face, legs, underarms or elsewhere, a straight razor or razor with a disposable blade was the only way to go. However, advances in technology have made their way to electric shavers as well and these devices rival non-electric methods of shaving in measures of closeness. Remington is a leading manufacturer of mens electric shavers and has several models from which to choose.  

What types of Remington mens electric shavers are available?

Remington makes two different types of mens electric shavers:

  • Foil shavers
  • Rotary shavers

Foil shavers feature vertical oscillating blades that rest next to each other that cut the hair on the surface of the skin. These have a thin layer of metal, or foil, that cover the blades on the shaver, which catches the hair to be cut. Rotary shavers have three separate heads that rotate to cut the hair on the skin. The heads have tiny blades that cut the hair and the rotating heads contour to the surface slightly better than do foil shavers.

What are some essential features of Remington mens electric shavers?

Many Remington mens shavers are battery-powered. These rechargeable cordless razors have up to a 120-minute runtime between charges. Many Remington shavers feature slim, ergonomic designs that are comfortable to use. Several models are also wet/dry shavers, meaning that they are safe to use in the shower, although they are not immersible.