Customise your Space with Removable Wall Stickers

Where Can I Put Removable Wall Stickers?

Removable wall stickers are brilliant for giving some character to a certain room in your home, office or studio! They are brilliant if you are renting or if you have commitment issues and don't like to keep the same design in one room for too long.

What sort of Wall Sticker Designs are there?

These removable wall stickers are available in a variety of unique designs, whether you are looking for some inspiration to start your day upon the right foot, a custom name wall door sticker, a butterfly stickers to get your child's nursery in touch with nature or a tree to provide a calming touch in an office environment. There are a huge selection in different shapes and designs, the placement and choice is purely up to your imagination.

How do I put Removable Wall Stickers on my wall?

The surface that you plan on putting your wall stickers on should be Clean, dry and smooth, peel off the backing paper, put the 'sticky' side of your transfer against the surface you want to adhere it to, once in place remove the clear transfer tape.

How do I remove Wall Stickers from my wall?

Either peeling the sticker off with your fingers, or heating the sticker up with a hairdryer, slowly heat the corner and move the heat as you remove the sticker. There should not be any residue once the stickers are removed, but if there is they are easily removed with warm soapy water or nail polish remover.

Where can I find cheap home design products?

Your space at home or at work can easily have a 'breath of fresh air' breathed into it with a huge selection of discounted Home Dècor items found on eBay, whether you are looking for Candles, Furniture or Decorative Plaques and Signs .