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Reptile Vivaria

Reptile vivaria are terrariums and tanks used to house a wide variety of pet reptiles including lizards, snakes and turtles. Vivaria are made to be able to support the specific temperature and humidity requirements of these animals. Reptile vivaria come in a variety of different materials, each with its own set of benefits.

Wooden Reptile Vivaria

Wooden reptile vivaria feature frames made out of wood with glass, plastic or acrylic panels. These vivaria are typically more decorative than other types and they work well for those who want to have a display animal. You can find wooden vivaria with lids on the top or you can find them with sliding doors on one or more sides. They come in an array of colours so you can choose one that matches your existing decor.

Acrylic Reptile Vivaria

Acrylic reptile vivaria Acrylic reptile vivaria are a good choice for those who want something heavy and sturdy. Most acrylic is crack resistant and it holds water well for those who want to add an aquatic element to their reptile’s home. Some acrylic vivaria are also scratch resistant which is a good choice for lizards and turtles with sharp nails or claws.

Plastic Reptile Vivaria

Plastic reptile vivaria are typically fairly lightweight and portable. Vivaria made from this material come in a wide array of shapes and sizes so you can find one that is a suitable size to house large pythons and boas as well as one that works for small geckos. Plastic vivaria tend to hold in humidity well so they are a good choice for reptiles that require a high level of humidity.

Glass Reptile Vivaria

Glass reptile vivaria are a good choice for those who want their reptile enclosure to look like a classic terrarium. These vivaria come in a variety of sizes and they most commonly have a rectangle shape. You can find them with screen top lids for reptiles that require lower humidity or hooded lids for those that need higher humidity.