Resin Decorative Sculptures & Figurines

Art Resin Wall Sculptures

Resin is a fairly contemporary art medium that was from the 1960s, and since then, this polymer base has gone into creating hanging art pieces, sculptures and homewares. Art resin wall sculptures stand out from traditional sculpture mediums like clay and porcelain, and they are a durable material to work with. Resin’s ability to make colours pop has only added to its popularity, as well as the shiny glaze it brings to wall sculptures.

Modern Art

Using resin in art started around the 1960s but it has only recently become popular in contemporary art and homewares. Resin has been particularly popular with artists who create wall sculptures and textured pieces, due to the way colours look when they apply it to this medium. Resin allows for paint to swirl and blend unlike any other, so a resin sculpture in your lounge room will certainly be a centrepiece.

Durable Material

While many commonly think of it as a simple plastic, resin is actually a lot more durable and versatile than this. Quality resin can give the feel and appearance of stone and metal materials, but they produce at a fraction of the cost. This means artists can create and experiment with their modern wall sculptures to come up with the many exciting colours and themes we see today at a greater profit.

Versatile Medium

One of the reasons for resin’s popularity in the world of art is its versatility, helping to create everything from vibrant and colourful pieces to darker art deco style wall sculptures. Artists can pour resin into moulds to create sculptures, set on boards or use it to paint on canvas, making it one of the more flexible mediums.

Different Styles of Resin Art

Art resin wall sculptures come in many varieties, with everything from faux taxidermy to 3D blossom wall art. Depending on the look you’re going for with your interior design, you can select a resin piece that will look completely unique in your space, all thanks to the versatility of this element and the vibrancy of colours it can create.