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Resin Toilet Seats

Adding decorations to a bathroom can be difficult, especially when you are wanting to create a unique style. That's why you could consider a decorative resin toilet seat to add an interesting touch to your bathroom.

What Should I Look for When Selecting a Toilet Seat?

When selecting a toilet seat, you should consider a few different things that may impact your decision.

  • Functionality and practicality: You will want to select a seat in a durable material like resin, plastic or wood.
  • Colour and design: You will want to select a toilet seat in a colour that is appropriate for your decor. Adding a novelty or glitter toilet seats can be a special addition.
  • Styles in different sizes: Making sure that you select the correct size of toilet seat is important to make sure that it fits your existing toilet, or if trying to fit new toilets, making sure the hinges are compatible with the toilet base.

Why Choose an Unusual Toilet Seat?

Some people may consider unusual toilet seats to be a unique decorative touch. Some reasons to consider a resin toilet seat are:

  • Reflection of your personal style: You might like to select a polyresin toilet seat to show off your quirky style in all areas of your house including your bathroom. Bathrooms do not need to be boring just because they are practical spaces.
  • Adding a pop of colour: If you have decorated in more neutral colours like white, you might find it desirable to add a pop of colour with a coloured toilet seats.
  • Fun surprise for guests: If you have visitors in your home, brightly coloured novelty toilet seats will be points of interest.

What Materials Can You Select for a Toilet Seat?

Toilet seats are available in different materials, which have different properties you may wish to consider when making your selection:

  • Resin toilet seats: Resin toilet seats are easy to clean and come in a variety of finishes. You can select from glitter, solid colours or special designs with animals, sea life or flowers on the toilet seat. This can complement your bathroom accessories well.
  • Wooden toilet seats: These toilet seats can provide a nice aesthetic quality, but can also trap moisture if you do not finish and install correctly.
  • Plastic toilet seats: Plastic seats are widely available but do not offer as many colour and design options as resin toilet seats.
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