Time To Join The Resistance

Strength training doesn't have to be just about lifting heavy. While lifting free weights can certainly improve strength and muscle tone, there is a lot to be said for working with resistance bands. Also known as tension bands, resistance bands can offer several advantages to anyone who wants to improve their strength. Unlike free weights, where gravity decides where the weight comes from, and there is more resistance in an upswing than a downswing, with resistance bands the tension is constant, creating constant tension on the muscles being worked. This can provide a better workout, while also working the stabiliser muscles needed to keep the band in alignment.

Resistance bands can also be cheaper and more portable than free weights. Ever tried to pack dumbbells or barbells in a suitcase? Not great for the plane. Buyers can pick up resistance bands for an affordable price, keeping them in their gym bag, if they really wanted to. Resistance bands also have the advantage of increasing coordination, of adding variety to a workout, and of being suitable for all fitness levels. All it takes is to find out the best resistance band exercises for each muscle group, and to get those bands working to fully get used to them.

Buying Resistance Bands

Most bands are colour-coded according to tension level, offering light, medium, heavy and very heavy tension. It's best to buy a range of resistance bands to work the various muscle groups properly. Look for resistance bands that have comfortable handles, that don't have one set of handles that have to be changed to use each band. Take a look at the various resistance band accessories available, such as door attachments and ankle cuffs, and when first starting out, keep it simple, with standard resistance bands rather than fancy circular bands or figure-8 bands. To find the best range of exercise equipment, search eBay, home to everything from free weights and resistance bands, to exercise mats and abdominal machines.