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Restaurant Food Slicers

Sometimes one of the most time-consuming tasks that restaurant kitchens encounter is doing the prep work that goes into culinary dishes. While a great set of chef knives makes prep work easy, many restaurant owners choose to go with restaurant food slicers to make prep work faster and more efficient. Here are a few of the restaurant kitchen equipment food slicer choices available for consideration when it comes time to shop for restaurant supplies.

Restaurant Food Slicer Basics

When it comes to food slicers, there is no shortage of options on the market. From kebab knife slicers to cheese slicers, there is a host of time-saving devices to help take some of the work out of preparing food. Some of the most popular types of slicers are the models for slicing meats, cheeses and vegetables. A large number of these food slicers can create uniform cuts just like a chef can do by hand, but only at a much faster pace.

Choosing a Food Slicer

Food slicers can come as manual devices that let you slide the food over the cutting surface by hand, and there are also automatic food slicers that take some of the elbow grease out of the manual process. The manual food slicers can be the perfect choice for restaurants that need to perform a smaller amount of prep work while the automated food slicers are often the equipment of choice for restaurants that have the need to use a meat slicer frequently or have to cut foods in high volume quickly. It is also useful to find a food slicer with enough horsepower to handle workloads efficiently. Restaurants that operate at a high volume will probably benefit from using a food slicer with a high horsepower rating versus a manual slicer or low horsepower model.

Consider Duty Requirements

Restaurant food slicers typically come in choices that include light-duty slicers, medium-duty slicers and heavy-duty slicers. Light-duty slicer versions are often perfect for small restaurants or catering businesses. Medium-duty slicers are able to withstand a few hours of use each day without overloading the motor. Medium-duty slicers are good choices for restaurants that receive small-to-medium amounts of traffic on a daily basis. Restaurants that received a high volume of traffic should consider heavy-duty slicers because these models can withstand hours of heavy use and are typically versatile enough to cut anything from cheese to frozen meat with ease.

Size It Up

Another factor that comes into play for many restaurant owners is the size of the restaurant food slicing equipment. It is a good idea to take measurements before purchasing a restaurant food slicer to ensure that you have a model that fits your available space requirements. This allows the machinery to run efficiently and also helps to protect the people who are operating it so they can remain free of hazards and safe from injury.

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