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Restaurant Kitchen Mixers

Whether a restaurant is large or small, investing in commercial kitchen mixers is one of the smartest choices for a restaurant owner with a busy kitchen. Commercial kitchen mixers allow cooks and staff to work smarter, not harder, which means there is more time for other pursuits. Add extra value and time to your day with one or more of the many great commercial kitchen mixers available.

Planetary Mixers

When a commercial kitchen runs as smoothly as a piece of well-oiled machinery, it is a tell-tale sign of great restaurant management. Investing in a planetary mixer is another sign of great kitchen management because planetary mixers are one of the most versatile commercial kitchen mixers on the market. The planetary mixer comes with multiple agitator attachments that allow users to create anything from sturdy dough to the most delicate meringues. Many models come with attachments that allow users to grate, slice, chop, and perform other food preparation with ease.

Dough Mixers

Often referred to as a spiral mixer, the commercial dough mixer uses a stationary spiral-style agitator that works in tandem with a revolving bowl. The best type of commercial kitchen equipment is ideal for restaurants and bakeries that need to mix large quantities of dough at one time. Even though most dough mixers do not include multiple agitator attachments like other mixers, one of the chief benefits comes from the large batches of dough this commercial mixer yields in one sitting.

Vertical Cutter Mixers

Another versatile piece of commercial kitchen equipment is the vertical cutter mixer because this device adds a level of precision to the dough creation process that is hard to capture with other mixers. Vertical cutter mixers typically include an interior agitator, spacious mixing bowl with cover, and a high-performance motor with lots of horsepower. This type of commercial kitchen mixer is ideal for restaurants that want to create large quantities of dough in a relatively short amount of time. In addition to the mixing capabilities, vertical cutter mixers also include chopping, slicing, and dicing capabilities to make food prep more efficient.

Choosing Restaurant Kitchen Mixers

In addition to the mixers already mentioned, it is important to know that there are a wide variety of restaurant mixers to suit almost any need. Light-duty mixers are ideal for restaurants that need a mixer once in a while for light-duty work, and in this case, equipment like a KitchenAid Professional Mixer usually suffices. Standard or heavy-duty mixers with higher horsepower motors and large bowls are ideal for bakeries, pizzerias, and other busy or large restaurant kitchen environments that use mixers on a heavy or frequent basis. Taking the time to consider what you need to chop or mix, how often, and the quantity, helps you find a restaurant kitchen mixer that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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