Retractable Awnings & Canopies

Collect shade, extend your outdoor entertainment area, and improve the aesthetics of your home when you invest in folding arm awnings. This popular European style is a great outdoor shade solution for people looking for protection from the sun and rain with minimal effort required.

Used above a pool area, a gazebo, over windows, or any other area that requires shade, retractable folding arm awnings are extremely cost-effective, versatile, and low-maintenance.

Types of retractable folding arm awnings

Folding arm awnings come in three categories: full cassette, semi-cassette, and standard. A retractable full cassette folding arm awning completely seals the headbox and bottom bar from sight when it is fully retracted. It is the sleek, architectural design that hides all internal components that has made this a popular choice among homeowners and motorhomes. However, it is the most expensive option.

A semi-cassette folding arm awning forms a semi outer cover when the fixed headbox and the bottom bar integrate together. Unlike the full cassette, a semi-cassette also has a crossbar that is attached to the arms. This allows more flexibility when placing the mounting brackets. However, the arms and fabric is still visible from the underside, which is a problem if you want it to be completely hidden.

A standard folding arm is the cheapest of the three, and does not use any attached cassette headbox. With its simple design, it includes two or more retractable arms, fabric and tube, as well as a crossbar design with bottom bar. Its major drawback is that the fabric and all components are visible when it is completely retracted.

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