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Revolution Dog Flea & Tick Remedies

Revolution For Dogs

We all want to give our beloved dogs the very best care and attention for their long-term health and wellbeing. Fleas and ticks cause discomfort and, if left untended, can lead to more serious health problems, so its best to have preventative measures in place. Revolution for dogs is specifically designed for our canine friends, as a treatment applied monthly to the back of the neck to protect dogs against fleas, heartworm and other parasites. Revolution flea treatment is very easy to apply - all you need to do is squeeze the contents of a one-month measurement of Revolution onto the skin at the back of your dogs neck, and two hours later it will have been fully absorbed, providing 30 days worth of protection. Revolution for dogs has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is safe for our pets and our homes, so you know youre getting rid of fleas and other nasty things at no risk to your dog or your self.

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