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Ricoh GR Digital Cameras

Ricoh GR Digital Cameras

Ricohs GR digital cameras originated in its film camera line-up. As compact digital cameras, they are known for their excellent lenses and image quality. Ricoh GR cameras go back to 2005 with the Ricoh GR Digital. What followed was the Ricoh GR Digital II, III and IV. Finally, the Ricoh GR was released in 2013 and the Ricoh GR II in 2015. Among the range of Ricoh digital cameras, GR models are the only point and shoot type cameras available.

Fixed Lens

Ricoh GRs are fixed lens cameras. This means you can only use the lens that comes with the camera. All of the models have a 28 mm focal length. This is a wide angle, so the cameras are best suited for landscapes, street photography and some portraiture. For the most part, any situation you would want a small, pocketable camera would suit a Ricoh GR. They have a macro setting that allows you to shoot from 10 cm away.

Image Quality

The lenses on Ricoh GRs have always been high quality. With the last two models, the GR and GR II cameras, the company introduced a much larger image sensor. The image sensor for these two Ricoh cameras is the equivalent of a DSLR size sensor. This resulted in even better quality images, including less noise and more image clarity at higher shooting speeds.


Ricoh GR digital cameras improved greatly between the first and newer models. For example, the Ricoh GR Digital had an 8 MP image sensor with a top shooting speed of ISO 1600. Ten years later, the GR II, has a 16 MP image sensor with a top ISO of 25600.


Ricoh GR and GR II cameras do not come with an external battery charger. Instead, they come with a USB connector. This may be fine for your needs, but if you like to keep an extra battery on hand, you could look for a battery charger to purchase at the same time. Also, keep in mind that the names of the cameras have been very similar across models. If you are looking for a specific one, you might want to verify it before purchasing.