Ricoh SP Printer

Looking for computer printers and computer supplies can be daunting, given how many brands and models there are to choose from. The Ricoh SP printer range has a large selection of models, including Ricoh SP duplex computer printers and Ricoh SP wireless computer printers.

Range of Ricoh SP Printers

The Ricoh SP range of printers specialises in printers for office and commercial use, however there are some Ricoh SP printer models that are compact enough for home use, which is especially useful if you’re looking for your home office, home business or have a range of printing needs. The Ricoh SP100 and SP112 models are more compact laser printers that would be suitable for home use, whereas the Ricoh SP204, SP213 and SP311 are larger multifunction printers that are more suitable for office and commercial uses.


Many printers in the Ricoh SP printer range are multifunction printers, meaning that they aren’t simply laser printers, but also have photocopy and scanning features too. The range of functions on the Ricoh SP series multifunction printers mean that these are ideal for office and bigger commercial uses. Some in the Ricoh SP range also have wireless capabilities, meaning that users can connect their Wifi enabled device to the printer and print documents, photos, spreadsheets or contracts from wherever they are within Wifi range. Ricoh SP printers with Wifi capabilities include the SP213 and SP-C250 ranges.


The Ricoh SP printers can run on any computer or office setup. With the wireless, Wifi enabled range of Ricoh SP printers, these will work with any Wifi enabled device, including all laptops and Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Installation and Support

To ensure that your Ricoh SP printer runs properly and is correctly installed and set up, Ricoh offers IT services, solutions and support. These services include assistance with installing, setting up and using your Ricoh SP printer through their IT help desk and contact centres. Additionally, Ricoh has engineers that can be called out to assist.