Ride-On Quad Bikes

Ride-on quads are a great children's toy idea. Electric quad bikes are normally powered by batteries, but pedal or push and kick propulsion models are also available, and they come in a small size that is suitable for children. They are easy to operate and relatively safe when used under adult supervision.

Styles of Mini Quad Bikes

There are many different style of kids’ quad bikes to choose from. Some feature a more traditional go-kart styling, whilst others take the form of a traditional quad bike, ride-on mower, car or truck. There is a colour and shape to suit every personality, and many of them even have working dials. There is also the option to add custom stickers to the body of a mini quad bike.

Where Can Mini Quad Bikes be Used?

When purchasing an electric quad, you should pay close attention to the specifications. Some quad bikes are designed to be used only on smooth, flat paved surfaces and backyards whilst others are capable of being driven on dirt roads.

Features to Look for in a Kids’ Quad Bike

It is important to consider the features that you might want in a children’s ride-on quad bike. Some models have off road tyres, multiple speed settings, forward and reverse gears, start and stop buttons and even working speakers.