Ridgeline Hunting Clothing


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Ridgeline Clothing

Made for the outdoors, Ridgeline offers high-performance hunting and camping clothing and gear for men and women. This includes bottoms, jackets, boots and hats crafted with materials meant to withstand the elements and offer support in the outdoors, keeping your temperature regulated and ensuring comfort as you pursue your favourite outdoor hobbies. Ridgeline makes products in a variety of designs and sizes to meet every need.

Ridgeline Tops

Ridgeline manufactures multiple tops for hunting, fishing and other outdoor purposes, including camping and hiking. Some of these pieces include jackets, vests and shirts that offer a variety of features. Camouflage prints vary in colour, from the standard olive green to bright orange and even pink options. Some features of these tops include a lightweight yet insulating design, plenty of pockets and compartments for storage, and fabric that stays dry even in damp conditions. Sizes vary from small to 4XL, and you can select styles ranging from lightweight T-shirts to zip-up jackets and vests.

Ridgeline Bottoms

Hunting trousers vary and may include a waterproof and wind-resistant design to high-performance bottoms that feature all-weather protection, as well as breathable fabric that keeps you comfortable in any type of weather. Ridgeline trousers offer pockets, belt loops and leg zippers to provide easy in-and-out capability. For warm-weather hunting, opt for lightweight mesh trousers that keep air flowing on hot days. Elastic waist trousers ensure comfort for kids, women and men, and the Torrent line of trousers includes pocket hand warmers.

Ridgeline Boots

Proper footwear is important when you're out in the wild, and that's where hunting boots come into play. These sturdy shoes are available in several designs, including the Apache, Camlite and Warrior. The Camlite boot boasts a camouflage design, cushioned insoles and water-resistant properties, while the tan Apache boots feature sleek Nubuck leather with Thinsulate to keep your feet warm on even the coldest days. These boots offer plenty of traction on the soles for all types of terrain, while the Warrior boots have a higher cut and a self-cleaning outsole.

Ridgeline Hats and Accessories

Once you've gotten your clothing and shoes ready for a day on the hunt, don't leave home without head and hand protection in the form of hats and gloves. Ridgeline offers bush hats as well as ball caps and beanies, along with gloves and mittens that let you shoot while you keep your hands warm.