Personalise Your Riding Gear Using Covers and Silks

Hat silks and riding helmet covers are great options for making your standard protective gear more personal and stylish before your next horse ride. You will find a wide range of inexpensive hat silks on eBay in several styles that may appeal to you. Understanding what kinds of horse riding hat covers may be available and some of their features will help you find the items that match your taste.

Choosing themes for your riding helmet silks

You can check out a wide variety of themes or patterns that are available for the helmet gear you'll find on eBay. You may be interested in a particular style of horse riding cover, or you might want to get one that shows off your favourite colours or patterns. Some of your options for personalising your hat silks are:

  • Holidays - You can get a hat silk that has colours or designs for holidays. Some of the common ones you will find are Easter, Valentine's Day, and Christmas riding hat cover options.
  • Animals - Some riding helmet covers are made to resemble fun animal caricatures such as horses or ducks.
  • Solid colours - You can also choose plain items such as a navy blue hat silk. This may be a good option if you want to use matching hat silks.
What material options are there for riding hat covers?

Riding helmet covers typically come in a couple of main materials. In most cases, you will have an inner structure that uses a hard material meant to protect your skull from impacts. This portion fits snugly over the scalp and can vary in size. See the manufacturer site for details. The outer part of the hat silk features the soft material or fabric that shows off the designs you like.

Choosing pre-owned riding helmet silks

You can get many used hat silks on eBay. If you can't find the specific model or type of pom-pom helmet cover that you would like in the new section of items, you should definitely take a look at pre-owned riding hat silks or covers for sale. A used riding hat cover can be a good way to get the particular protective device you want at a lower price point. If you need to outfit several horse riders with hat silks, getting items from eBay's pre-owned section of helmet items might bring you the things you want at a price that works for your budget.