Riding Helmets

The Importance of Riding Helmets

Always wearing a helmet when mounted on a horse is the best way to protect yourself from fatal or life-changing head injuries after a fall. Furthermore, you will find that most equestrian establishments and showgrounds will not let you ride a horse without an approved riding helmet. To make the best choice from the plethora of riding helmets available, there are factors to consider.

Riding Helmet Size and Fit

A helmet is not helpful if it is loose and slipping from your head, nor if it is tight and uncomfortable. Size and fit should be the most influential factors affecting your decision. The right helmet should fit snugly enough to stay in place without gripping painfully and be comfortable when worn for several hours. Taking time to try on different riding helmets is the best way to ensure you pick a perfect fit. Measuring the circumference of your skull in inches and fractions-of-an-inch should supply the size; hence a Size 6 helmet fits a wearer whose skull just above the ears measures 6 inches all round.

Riding Helmet Type

Types of riding helmets include skull caps, traditional velvets, GPAs and others. Skull caps are designed to be durable and lightweight, and are commonly used by jockeys and eventers. They come without a visor for optimum visibility. The familiar, traditional velvet or velveteen show helmets are based on an older style of riding helmet. When compared to modern helmets, they lack sufficient ventilation. Since the introduction of GPA, KEP, Equestrian, Charles Owen, Troxel and other riding helmet brands that are fashionable, well ventilated and lightweight, riders have gained a wider choice. Additionally, these helmets can be found in a variety of price ranges.

Riding Helmet Accessories

To customise your helmet, there are a variety of accessories available on the market. These include riding helmet covers, helmet liners and helmet visors. Choosing a helmet that allows you to swap accessories can help you gain a particular look, or replace worn out parts. Always remember that your helmet should be replaced after any major fall or impact.

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