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Ride-on Mowers

Using a ride-on mower can cut more than just your grass, as ride-on mowers can also exponentially cut the time it takes you to cut the grass when compared to using a traditional push mower. Saving time is one of the biggest advantages of owning a ride-on mower, because if you have a large or sloping lot, using a push mower is just not ideal. Mowing the lawn doesn’t have to be so labourious when you have the right ride-on to carry you.

Choose the Deck Width

When choosing the deck width of your riding mower, consider the size of the narrowest part of your lawn as well as the overall size of the lot. A wider deck width covers a larger swath of grass at one time, which reduces the number of passes needed to mow your lawn. Speed is another factor in how quickly you can finish cutting your grass. Some offer multiple speeds, enabling you to move as fast as your lawn will allow.

Standard or Zero Turn

If you are mowing a lawn with trees or landscaping, you should consider a ride-on with a zero-turning radius. Having zero-turn capability means that manoeuvering around obstacles is easy and allows you to mow around things precisely. Mowers with zero-turn tend to have the engine at the rear of the vehicle, while a standard ride-on typically features the engine at the front. Another stark difference between the two is that the standard ride-on mower usually has a steering wheel, and a zero-turn utilises levers to control the travel direction.

Gas or Electric

Lawn and garden tractors are available in electric or petrol power. Petrol is more common, but if you are environmentally aware and thus looking to reduce your emissions, you may want to consider an electric riding mower. Electric mowers don’t expend harmful chemicals in your garden and tend to require less maintenance, while gas-powered motors don’t have a time limit before needing to be recharged. Ultimately, each style has its own benefits.

Mower Attachments and Parts

Many riding mowers feature various attachments to help keep you moving. For instance, you can trade in your handheld edger and spools for the riding edger attachment. There are also bagging, mulching, tilling, spraying and broom attachments, as well as carts and more. Attachments make a ride-on mower more than just a lawn mower; it can be a total lawn-care system when you keep your mower healthy. Additionally, the right mower parts and accessories only add to your mowers functionality.

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