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No flat batteries with right angle adapters

The USB connector standard may be one of the most convenient technological developments of the 21st century. It allows multiple device types to communicate and charge using the same set of plugs and cables. In addition, we can cut down on the rat's nest of wires we need to keep to maintain our multiple devices. Conveniently, USB ports are universal, so there's no need to worry about making sure you have the right plug when you're travelling between different countries.

Most USBs and connectors are very simple. A steel connector projects from a plastic body in line with the cable extending from the back. However, this can be inconvenient. If the USB socket you need to use is located close to a wall or other limit, there may not be enough room to connect all of your devices.

The ideal solution for when you're short on space

These angle adapters feature a what is known in the industry as a female USB connector that projects at a 90-degrees from a male USB connector, allowing you to connect any cable.

Right angle USBs turn a corner immediately after the projecting connector, with the cord stretching out at 90 degrees. This allows you to place the laptop, PC, charger or another device up against walls and other surfaces without interference.

You can find slightly different styles, so that you can conveniently utilise this technology on both the left and right-hand side of your laptop.

Right angle models with multiple connecting points

Multi-plug right angle USB models feature more than one female connector, all tied to a single male USB, allowing you to connect multiple flash drives and devices.

Note that to utilise a device's USB ports for charging purposes, you must enable them. If the ports themselves are disabled, they will not supply power nor allow data communication between devices.

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