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Right Wing Feather Archery Fletches

Shoot with greater accuracy equipped with high-quality vane archery fletches to add to your sporting goods collection. Fletching is designed to create drag on the back end of your arrow, helping it to fly in a straight direction. They are available in a whole range of colours and styles, including traditional longbow curves, parabolic curves and shield shapes.

Right vs. Left Wing Fletches

Whether you’re right handed or left handed, you can shoot successfully using either right or left wing archery fletches. The arrow doesn’t begin to rotate noticeably until it is clear of the bow, with right wing feathers rotating clockwise and left wing feathers rotating counter clockwise. Right wing feather archery fletches should be used with a right helical clamp and left wing fletches with a left helical clamp.

Offset Fletching

Look for offset or helical fletching which will cause the arrow to rotate in flight, helping to stabilise the arrow. It also helps to counteract any imperfections in the arrow and is the preferred choice for many archers using an arrow tipped with a broadhead.

Turkey Feathers

Traditional fletching for arrows is a split feather known as a “vane”, which is glued or tied to the shaft of the arrow. While Native Americans once used eagle, hawk and even owl feathers and the English preferred goose, today it is turkey feathers that are the most common. The turkeys are domestically reared for their feathers, which are available in either natural or brightly dyed colours.

What Size Feathers to Use

The size and number of feathers you use will depend on your shooting style and equipment, although most find that three 5 inch feathers or four 4 inch feathers work well. Test shooting with your archery equipment using different feather combinations is one of the best ways to decide what setup works best for you.

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