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Rimmel Revolutionises Makeup Solutions

Rimmel London is one of the most recognisable brands in the cosmetics world, and they have revolutionalised the way we think about make-up with their long-lasting solutions for everyday use. From the Rimmel face make-up range all the way through to nail care and lipsticks, there's something for everyone in this collection.

If you're looking to try something new or upgrade your make-up supplies, why not give Rimmel a try?

Decades of self-expression

Eugene Rimmel and his father created the House of Rimmel brand way back in 1834. Fuelled by a desire to push the boundaries of the fashion industry and make great products available to everyone, Rimmel was the first in the world to create non-toxic mascara.

When he passed away in 1890, the brand was going strong as it still does today. In his lifetime he had pioneered hygiene products and cosmetics, and turned beauty into an art form. Rather than use his innovation to create exclusive products that only the wealthy could afford, Rimmel was always in the business of sharing his creations with as many people as possible.

Rimmel face make-up

There's something special about finding a foundation you love. It's the basis of any beauty routine, so obviously you want the best. That's what Rimmel aims to give, with their exquisite range of long-lasting foundation and primers. One of the best-selling items is the 25H Long Lasting foundation with built-in comfort serum. Available in a range of skin tones, you can feel safe and protected all day.

You can make short work of blemishes with Rimmel concealer, and highlight and accentuate your features like a pro with their range of blush, highlighter and bronzer. Easily match Rimmel face make-up to your own skin tone, and get that natural look of flawless perfection. It all starts with a great foundation!

Eye make-up done right

Since creating the first non-toxic mascara, Rimmel has made eye make-up a huge part of their repertoire. You can give your lashes some extra special attention, whether they're short or long. Rimmel offers mascara for all types of eyelashes and a variety of desired looks. The same goes for their eyeshadow, designed to really make your eyes pop.

Using eyeliner that comes in many forms - liquid, pencil and micro, you can shape and craft your eye make-up into any style you want!

Rimmel for lips

One of the key features of Rimmel lip make-up is longevity. Nobody wants lipstick or lipliner that smudges or gets rubbed onto every glass you take a sip from. That's why Rimmel offers long-lasting products that are designed to stay in place while making your lips look fabulous.

From liquid lipsticks in matte, satin to the traditional lipstick style of the Lasting Finish range, you're bound to find the perfect products for every occasion. When you want your lipstick to last, the only choice is Rimmel!

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