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Ring Macro Flash for Nikon Camera

Want to capture macro subjects up close without distracting shadows? Ring macro camera flashes are designed to eliminate some of the issues associated with using handle or shoe mount flashes in macro situations. If you’re shooting with a Nikon camera, look for ring macro flashes that are compatible with your model of DSLR.

What is a Ring Macro Flash?

A ring macro flash attaches to the front of your lens and creates a ring of light that helps to reduce shadows for an even area lighting. It is ideal for macro photography, as well as portraiture, making it a good alternative to handle mount camera flashes for Nikon or a shoe mount flash for Nikon camera.

Shoot in Close

Because the light from ring camera flashes is not obstructed by the lens (as is the case with some in-built and handle or shoe mount flashes), you can get much closer to your subject. This is why ring flashes are one of the preferred camera accessories for those interested in macro photography. Get in close to smell the flowers or capture detailed shots of plants and insects, without being worried about distracting shadows.

Enhanced Image Quality

The bright light of a ring macro flash means that you can stop the aperture down for a wider in-focus area and capture accurate 3D details of your subject. It will also help to reduce camera shake and the blurring of your subject, with its momentary illumination creating the same effect as when using a high shutter speed.

Even Lighting

Because the flash tubes are designed in a ring shape, a ring macro flash creates a flat light that illuminates your subject evenly. Capture highly detailed subjects with minimal shadows and in sharp focus from the background to the foreground. These camera flashes allow you to replicate subjects as they are seen by the naked eye, whether it be objects in the natural world or small handicrafts for your blog or website.

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