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Rinnai Gas/Petrol Home Standard Water Heaters

Rinnai Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems can be an effective way to enjoy endless hot water whilst economising on your power bill. Rinnai hot water systems utilise natural gas to heat water instantly—a welcome alternative to a traditional hot water cylinder that can take hours to heat up.

Natural Gas

Hot water systems heated with natural gas can be among the most energy efficient available on the market. Rinnai hot water systems come in configurations for both internal and external installation. The power efficiency between the gas systems and conventional power heating can be as much as 66 per cent. Rinnai implements technology in order to capture any waste heat from the flue gas, and uses a secondary heat exchanger to make sure your water is heated with maximum energy efficiency.

Rinnai Infinity VT26

The Rinnai Infinity VT26 is one of Rinnais most popular domestic water heating solutions. It only turns on when you require hot water, making it extremely efficient, and the heating is instantaneous and ongoing—so you can enjoy plenty of long hot showers. The Infinity is easily installed to the exterior of your home, and its slender and small design makes it an unobtrusive addition.

Rinnai Electric Hot Water Systems

Rinnai’s range extends to electric hot water systems, all designed to be smart next-generation home solutions. Its smart range includes systems that recognise patterns of hot water use in your home, and heat the water only when its going to be needed, thus saving on overall energy costs. The smart cylinders have several modes so you can choose which will best suit your individual needs, including a holiday mode to make sure youre not wasting power whilst on your holidays. Other options in the range include mains, low and medium pressure cylinders, and a variety of sizes.