Heat your home with Rinnai systems

If you're looking for a new heating or hot water system, look no further than the commercial and domestic supply company, Rinnai. There is a wide selection of heater systems here on eBay and people all over Australia are trusting Rinnai to provide high quality and efficient heating products and appliances.

The Rinnai brand is a leader in gas appliance manufacturing and prides themselves on developing high-quality products year upon year, which includes Rinnai gas heaters, water heaters, continuous flow water heaters, and many more. The brand was originally founded in 1920 selling oil cooking stoves and now is one of the leaders in the gas and heat industry.

Hot water systems

Rinnai has many different hot water systems available, depending on your personal or commercial requirements. From the Infinity Continuous Hot Water system to the Natural Gas Instantaneous system, these Rinnai hot water systems offer high efficiency, low running costs, and precise thermostatic controller, also giving them an impressive energy rating.

Heater systems

Rinnai offer options for gas, gas and electric combined, or full electric heating systems, depending on your needs. Take a look on eBay to discover the many options available to you from Rinnai and find the perfect heating system for you. Discover Rinnai Energy Saver heaters or try the Rinnai Avenger convector heater with LPG gas. This is Rinnai's most popular convection heater due high heat output and ease of installation.

Portable heaters

Portable heaters can be incredibly useful in both the workplace and the home. Rinnai have a large selection of portable heaters available on eBay, from gas to electric panel heaters. Try a Rinnai Granada or Titan retro style portable heater with enough power to comfortably heat any open plan space. Or try a portable, energy saver, gas heater with included flue kit.